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What is the back office or extranet and how do I login?

  • The back office is where you can shop and see information about your team members. Go to log in (upper right corner) enter your consultant number for the username and the password you created at the time of sign up.

What’s my username?

  • Your username is your consultant number.

Where do I upload my picture?

  • Once you are in your back office, on the right hand side will be a “My Profile” button in pink. After you click that, look on your left hand side, and click “Edit Picture”. Than you can click “Choose File” and pick which picture you’d like to use. Make sure that the picture is not too big, otherwise it won’t load.

Where do I add my story?

  • Once you are in your back office, on the right hand side will be a “My Profile” button in pink. After you click that, look on your left hand side, and click “Edit Profile”. You can than add your story to “Replicated Site Text”.

What is a replicated site and what is my address (URL)?

  • A replicated site is your personal website. Your URL is consultant number. People can shop there and you’ll get credit for it.

How do I make my own personal URL from my website?

  • Go to your home page and on the left hand side of the page, there is a pink tab that says “My Profile”. Then “Edit My Profile” will show up on the left hand side. Once you click that you can scroll down to the “Replicated Site” and put in your own custom URL. It will also tell you if that name has already been taken. Now, your consultant number will still work, so no need to print off new business cards. You will actually have 2 addresses that will take you to the same place.

How do I add my Social network sites to my site?

  •  From the “Home” page of the back office, click “My Profile” on the left side.
    Click “My Social Networks” from the menu on the left.
    Click “New” and on the screen that comes up, (1) Select the social network you want to add, (2) enter the name of your site….for example, on Twitter, I am “Paparazzified1” so after I selected Twitter from the dropdown menu, I typed in Paparazzified1 and then (3) click “SAVE”. It takes a little time for it to show up (mine seemed to show up about an hour or so later), but on your Paparazzi replicated website, you can add the links to your own personal social media sites!

How much do you charge for the Starlet Shimmer Hair Accessories?

  • They are the same price $5.00. 

What constitutes a month as far as commissions are concerned? 

  • From the 1st to the 31st – is the commission period but commissions are paid out on the 20th of the following month – For example; December commissions will be paid out after the 20th of the January. 

Direct deposits are deposited on the 20th however most banks have a 3 days holding period.  Each bank differs please check with your banking facility. 

What do you do with broken jewelry that is not repairable?

  • You have 3 days from the time you get your order to contact Corporate by phone - 855-697-2727 or process a return online to get a credit on your account. 

After getting the original kit do you order more kits or just order certain pieces?

  • You can order whatever pieces you’d like, whenever you’d like– when you log into your back office click on “My Back Office” and then “NEW ORDERS”

What is the best way to answer when a customer or someone interested in jewelry asks to see a catalog?

  • What I tell people when they ask if there is a catalog – is that our jewelry is so fashion forward there is no time to have catalogs printed and shipped to consultants in time to keep up – not only that but with catalogs comes more money in marketing and we like our $5 price point The best way to see the jewelry is to host a party and that way you can get the hands on feel of each piece and try them on as well.  You can also send them to your online store as well that way they can see the pieces and buy directly from you.

What is the best way to determine what to give Hostesses at parties?

  • As a consultant for Paparazzi you are required to give hostess’s 10% of the total sales at a party – that is why when you receive your order you get a packet of hostess rewards.  (example-Party sales equal 400.00 you would give your hostess 40$ in free jewelry) 
  • Most consultants offer more than this – it is up to you what you offer 
  • I offer 1 free piece for every 10 buying guests and I also offer 1 free piece to the hostess when someone books and holds a party and 3 free pieces when a new consultant signs up – When a person that has a party from another hostess I offer the original hostess 2.5% of that parties sales – It is completely up to you as the consultant what you can afford and how you want to run your business. Just make sure it’s at least the 10%.

Where do I find the logo for my business cards?

  • The logo we are allowed to use as a consultant can be found in your back office or extranet –  Once you are logged in, on the HOME tab on the left hand side of the page you will see RESOURCES the logo along with other useful information can be found under those tabs. 

When I place an order through my back office (extranet) what does “Hostess Reward” No Charge mean that appears on my invoice?

  • When you place an order Paparazzi helps you “pay” your hostesses by giving you 10% of your sales order in free product.  It is a requirement as a consultant to give your hostesses 10% of the party sales in free product and they give that to you so it doesn’t take away from your 45% commission.  Most consultants give their hostesses more than the required amount.

How is sale tax charged to us?

  • Paparazzi charges you wholesale for the inventory ($2.75), but charges you sales tax on the retail price ($5.00).  Paparazzi files the state sales tax for you, that way you don’t owe anything to the state for your jewelry.

How do taxes work?

  • The best answer for this can be found in your Building your Business book – for local tax and other tax questions please contact corporate at 1-877-697-2727 or talk to your accountant or CPA.