My Story

Hi! I am Valery Arbelo Keen. I am an ELITE leader with Paparazzi and I am a stay at home mom of 3 children, including a set of twins!  As a former nurse it is in my heart to help others.  As a leader in Paparazzi I find it fulfilling to bring strength, empowerment, and independence to other mothers and their families.

When I joined Paparazzi in October 2017, I was just hoping to make a little extra money.  I wanted to have a little extra money to do little things like get my nails done, or a hair cut without having to touch our families tight budget.  Little did I know that only 4 months later I was quitting my nursing job, and doing my new business full time!  2 months later my husband was also able to quit his job as a nurse and help me with my shipping needs.  With hard work, in less than one year I became an Elite Leader.  Now as the leader of The Elite Dream Team; We have over 775 ladies take their steps to achieving their hopes and dreams.


   Who would have guessed that this little $99 Paparazzi kit had turned into a $100k+ yearly income for us!?  It has definitely been a blessing in our lives! 


Find me on Facebook under "Valery Arbelo Keen" for LIVE shows weekly. If you'd like to start your own $5 jewelry business you can find more info on this site under "opportunities" or message me through email or Facebook message!