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Sell Paparazzi Jewelry in Your Boutique or Retail Shop!

Sell Paparazzi Jewelry in Your Boutique or Retail Shop!

Did you know that you can sell $5 Paparazzi Jewelry in your retail store or boutique? It makes a great addition to clothing or home decor boutiques, with relevant, fashion forward designs and an unbeatable price point.

Plus, you will reap all of the rewards of a Paparazzi Independent Consultant including the ability to earn free trips, free jewelry and passive income. I have several teammates who have added Paparazzi Accessories to their brick and mortar stores and they find that it looks amazing with the boutique clothing they sell. Paparazzi designers are very in tune with current trends in fashion including color palettes and design. They have a spring and fall line just like many fashion houses do.

And the variety cannot be beat. Paparazzi adds new inventory daily, Monday-Friday, so you have a wealth of options every single day. You will also get a free replicated site so your customers can order directly.

It makes great business sense to add the Paparazzi line of jewelry to your store! Please contact me for more info: myblinglook@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook. I would be honored to have you on my team!